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$1.5 Million Jackpot Won on Millionaires Island at PokerStars Casino

Sunday, February 5, 2017 @ 08:02 AM posted by admin

A lucky university student from Uruguay has become the very first jackpot winner on the million dollar Millionaires Island progressive slot, which is exclusive to Amaya Inc.’s PokerStars Casino.

The player, who is only known as “LuisCancelaU” managed to turn a mere $1.00 into a whopping sum of $1,517,303.08 after playing the slot game for only three minutes and spinning just 17 times before 4 Millionaires Island symbols appeared on the reels of the game, leaving him to get just one more symbol in order to hit the jackpot.

The 26 year old player was convinced that the 5th symbol would not appear as, according to him “these things don’t happen”. However, the fifth symbol did appear and the jackpot feature went off to celebrate the lucky player’s life-changing winning moment.

The winner revealed that he started shouting and shaking his brother who was looking at him completely perplexed and they hugged and cried after showing him his account. He went on to say that they would now be in a position to give something back to their parents who have fought very hard to give them anything they needed.

Bo Wanghammar, Director of PokerStars Casino, said that they are truly delighted for “LuisCancelaU. He added that they knew it would not take long to create a millionaire after their exclusive slot received incredibly early play.

Wanghammar went on to say that it shows that life changing winning moments are accessible to anyone who wants to play for them and they are looking forward to making more winners from their growing slot portfolio.



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